Italian GP 2019: Sebastian Vettel Unhappy With Q3 Mess-Up

By 11 months ago

An eventful and bizarre qualifying session(Q3) transpired at the Italian GP 2019. It was a climatic ending to the Q3 and it is still not clear if the drivers will escape punishment, after flocking together on the track. Sebastian Vettel was one of the many drivers how was not happy with what happened on the asphalt during the Italian GP Q3.

“It was my turn on the second run to get the tow but I didn’t get it so”, said Sebastian Vettel. “It is what it is”, he added.

Charles Leclerc went on to explain the situation and said that the plan was for him getting the tow first and later on in the 2nd attempt he would give it back to Sebastian Vettel. Despite having a set plan, Leclerc says it did not turn out as they expected it to be. Suddenly the Renault and Mclaren cars almost stopped on the track and Sebastian Vettel overtook him and on the last straight, the team told him to overtake Vettel.

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Sebastian Vettel explained later in his interview that he gave the tow in the first attempt and during the second attempt, he thought Charles Leclerc would have given it to him. However due to the messy and chaotic qualifying, he did not make it.

“I was trying to get through, but there was a McLaren & a Renault blocking the road”, said Vettel after the Q3. “I’m not happy with how it went”, he added. “We didn’t make it to get the second attempt like many others, but I thought internally we had a better way that we communicated this.”

“It was not ideal”, said Vettel. “We need to have a review”, he continued. “I was happy to go earlier but anyways”, he says with a big sigh. “I’m not happy because my lap on the first run was completely on my own, which was the worst case plan but it happened to be that way”, Sebastian Vettel added.

It also transpired that Ferrari informed Vettel about the timing constraint, so he wanted Charles LeClerc to just go. However, it took a while for the Monegasque driver to get in front of his teammate.

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