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Italian Grand Prix 2019: Binotto Confirms Major Performance Upgrades for Ferrari in Monza

Italian Grand Prix 2019: Binotto Confirms Major Performance Upgrades for Ferrari in Monza

The Scuderia Ferrari team finally opened their win account at the Belgian Grand Prix 2019. Now, the outfit will be brimming with confidence and hoping to keep the momentum going in Monza this weekend.

Last week, it was Charles LeClerc who delivered his maiden win in his entire F1 career. Unfortunately, that also meant that Sebastian Vettel has now gone an entire season without a win. It was also worth noting that Scuderia Ferrari elected not to bring any updates to Belgium, compared to their rival engine manufacturers.

Now, it seems fairly obvious that the Prancing Horse was saving it up for Monza in the following week.

According to Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto, “This weekend, we plan to introduce our third power unit. We saw in Belgium that, in order to win, we must do everything to perfection and our aim is to do exactly that in Monza too. There will be no room for error.”

“Our home race is always important, but that is especially true this time, as we are celebrating 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari. Racing in front of our home fans is always an extra boost and further motivation to do well.”

Mattia Binotto

The Italian is aware that Monza is a track where cars can run at very high average speeds. This is because the circuit is characterised by long straights and heavy braking point at chicanes and a low downforce package should do the trick. Hence, Scuderia Ferrari opted to introduce their third power unit.

He mused that racing in front of the home fans always adds an extra burst of motivation. Binotto also confessed that there is no podium quite like Monza and that there is no better crowd than the Italian one. In a way, he is right, as the atmosphere in Monza especially after a Ferrari win is always special and drivers are greeted with an ocean of scarlet.

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