2019 French Grand Prix
Charles LeClerc

The Q3 session of the 2019 Italian Grand Prix 2019 has to be one of the most bizarre sessions ever. Out of the remaining 9 drivers, excluding Kimi Raikkonen who crashed out earlier, only Carlos Sainz was able to set a lap time. However, he was unable to trouble Charles LeClerc on provisional pole.

Apparently, every single driver were backing into each other to get the tow off each other. In the end, only Sainz crossed the line on time, while the man behind him, Charles LeClerc barely squeaked through. Unfortunately, everyone else behind him missed out and Sainz was unable to improve his lap time or position and stayed 7th. LeClerc also could not improve in the pandemonium.

FIA investigating that last lap in qualifying. Nine drivers involved, with potential of penalties. The one driver who wasn’t involved in that was Kimi Raikkonen who beached his car.