Italian Media Out for Blood After Latest Ferrari Debacle

November 18, 2019 7:12 pm

At this point, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that Ferrari’s grave has punched through the Earth’s diameter. After the Brazilian Grand Prix 2019 debacle, Ferrari dominated the headlines in Italy. In fact, it was an immediate response to the collision between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

The criticism was not limited to the written press, even television experts and social media ripped them a new one. In the eyes of many Italians both drivers were to blame for their roles in seeing Ferrari leaving Interlagos point-less.

In all honesty, with the way the two have been on track, this kind of incident was a long time coming. The incident between the Ferrari duo is a direct consequence of everything that was bubbling from the last 6-7 races. What set the ball rolling was Monza where Leclerc didn’t help Vettel in the qualifying. In Russia, Vettel ‘got his revenge’ when he didn’t respect the order to let Leclerc pass.

However, Scuderia Ferrari is not the culprit, the team can set boundaries. The thing is, it is up to the drivers to respect them, and with two top dogs, you’re in danger of recreating a Senna-Prost or a Hamilton-Alonso.

This is an accident that will lead to big discussions in Maranello and could lead to an embargo on battling each other. So, the burning question is, “has the rivalry between Leclerc and Vettel reached its zenith?”

According to Il Corriere della Sera’s Giorgio Terruzzi, ‘Vettel, for some reason, behaved like a baby that has just had his toy stolen. Gestures similar to that of angry shrieks. Now it’s very easy to suggest that Mattia Binotto now employs complete management of the two Ferrari drivers, but it’s really hard to manage a top driver that suddenly goes haywire.

‘Vettel is still a top driver but unfortunately his character limits will force, I believe, Ferrari to limit the freedom of Vettel when there will be more important goals than a fight for forth position.’

Meanwhile, 1997 champion, Jacques Villeneuve told Sky Sports Italy: “Both Ferrari drivers made a terrible mistake, it wasn’t necessary because the best they could have done is P3. I think they wanted to show to each other who was the best.

“Now Ferrari must do something and make a decision. They were free to fight but you shouldn’t abuse this freedom. I think both driver made a mistake. Leclerc was too aggressive and when Vettel passed him he shouldn’t have to close the door like that.”

While the Italian press lambasted both drivers for the accident, most of the tifosi in Italy laid the sole blame on Vettel.

On Twitter the hashtag #vettelout was becoming very popular for Ferrari fans. They want to see the German leaving the team at the end of season.

This, for them, is the last of a long series of mistakes from Sebastian Vettel. There is no doubt in their mind. Charles Leclerc is faster and is better than him. The accident was only because of Vettel and the resulting images leaves them with no doubt.

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