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Italian Media Reports Lewis Hamilton Crashed While Trying Valentino Rossi’s Bike

Italian Media Reports Lewis Hamilton Crashed While Trying Valentino Rossi’s Bike

Earlier this year, there was a lot of hype surrounding a potential seat swap involving Lewis Hamilton and MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi. While Rossi would hop into Hamilton’s Mercedes, the 6-time world champion would be riding Rossi’s Yamaha. The date of the swap was set for December and the two champions were very eager.

The event, organised by Monster Energy, was a private affair with no media allowed in. However, it did not stop some media reports from trickling out for the world’s greedy ears. According to Italian sources, Hamilton may have crashed Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP bike at the Valencia circuit during the test.

As per two Italian newspapers, on an unofficial basis, Hamilton had the unfortunate spill. La Repubblica reported that the event took place at around eight, and that information including photos and footage should be released shortly.

The report further stated that the event went “very well” for both sportsmen who were “as happy as children”.

However, Corriere dello Sport claims that Hamilton actually crashed Rossi’s Yamaha on his MotoGP track debut. Fortunately, there was no harm done and the 6-time F1 world champion was able to walk away without a scratch.

Lewis Hamilton can be forgiven as it was his first outing on a MotoGP bike in his entire career. The last time that he was on two wheels, he had carried out some running on a Yamaha R1M Superbike at the end of 2018, while Rossi last had a taste of F1 in 2010.

The only updates from the two came mostly from Hamilton, via social media. He wrote on Instagram, “Morning world! Hope everyone is doing great.”

“Sorry there’s been no news yet on what me and Valentino have been up to yet but all I can say it was epic.”

“We both did great, no troubles at all and had the best day ever!”

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