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Italian Olympic Gold Medallist Calls Out Usain Bolt- “I’m Up For The Challenge”

Published 11/23/2021, 3:09 PM EST

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Shocking the world with his record-breaking speed, Usain Bolt is to date the fastest man alive. The story of his success on the global stage is no secret. With blazing speed on the track, one might consider him to be a machine.

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Apart from running, the athlete has further pursued his interest in other fields like football and music. His debut album, “Country Yutes” gained planetary idolization.


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Usain retired from the track and field in 2017, opening more chances for youngsters to rise. However, recently, the 2020 Olympic champion Lamont Marcell Jacobs challenged Usain Bolt to a charity race.

Marcell Jacobs’ up for Usain Bolt’s challenge

Marcell Jacobs aced the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, clocking 9.80 seconds in the 100 meters. It was Jacobs’ first time competing at the highest level, yet he produced one of the best results in the sport. Naturally, with his confidence off the roof right now, the athlete invited Bolt to a race.

It all started when Bolt expressed his disappointment at not being able to take part in the Olympics this year. He further showcased his confidence, saying he would have won gold, had he participated.


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Hats off in front of Jacobs, but yes I would have won and I miss the sprint a lot because I live for those moments, it was difficult for me to watch that race,” said the Jamaican legend.

Replying to Bolt’s statement, Marcell Jacobs said, “You are my hero, so thanks for the hat’s off! But you also said you’re sure you’d win, so I’m up for the challenge!”

Jacobs invited Bolt to a charity run with their respective teams. This could be a final showdown to decide who is the faster man of the two.

“How about starting with a charity capture the flag? You bring your team and I’ll bring mine,” Marcell added. 

Bolt is considered as an idol by a lot of athletes, one of them being Jacobs himself. Hence, it will be interesting to see if Bolt accepts the challenge and dons the track one last time.

If Usain Bolt would have participated in the Tokyo Olympics…

The greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt, was not happy, missing out on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He disagrees with the way his coach sees the whole thing as he was confident enough, he would emerge victorious.


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My coach said something to me at the end of my career. He said, ‘People are not getting faster. I was getting slower.’ I never looked at it that way,” said Bolt.

Bolt revealed that he has pushed the barrier really far as an athlete and it’s going to take a while for someone to beat it. Interestingly, Marcell Jacobs has come quite close. Will Bolt go to battle with Marcell Jacobs?


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