Nick Kyrgios Labels Nadal As A “Super Salty” Loser


In an interview with ‘No Challenges Remaining’ podcasts, Nick Kyrgios took a dig at Rafael Nadal and his uncle, Toni Nadal. In the interview after his first-round win at the Italian Open 2019, the Australian labeled Nadal as a “super salty” loser. He also tagged Toni Nadal as an “idiot”.

Nick Kyrgios has had an unpleasant relationship with Rafael Nadal in the past. Rafael Nadal had accused Kyrgios of ” lacking respect for the public, the opponent and himself “ following his defeat against the Australian at the Mexican Open.

Nick Kyrgios was asked about his thoughts on Rafael Nadal. The world no. 36 had a laugh and said, “Hmmm… this is dangerous”

Nick Kyrgios on Rafael Nadal

The 24-year-old added, “He’s my polar opposite like literally my polar opposite. And he’s super salty. When he wins, it’s fine. He won’t say anything bad, he’ll credit the opponent, ‘He was a great player’.”

Nick Kyrgios also talked about Nadal’s change of behavior when he loses. He said, “But as soon as I beat him, it’s just like, ‘He has no respect for me, my fans and no respect to the game’. And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? I literally played this way when I beat you the other previous times and nothing changed. When you beat me in Rome here a couple of years ago, nothing changed; I was the same person.”

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios also abused Toni Nadal for calling him uneducated. He replied to Toni Nadal’s comment, “I’m like, ‘Bra, I did 12 years at school, you idiot. I’m very educated. I understand that you’re upset I beat your family again but I am not going to be the same as Nadal.”

” I do things differently you just have to accept that. You know what you’re walking out to, don’t wait till you lose a match to say things. When he says something it’s the only thing that matters. These guys show me no respect. None. Rafa gets me vexed, “ Nick Kyrgios added further.

Earlier, Rafael Nadal had accused Nick Kyrgios of not respecting others. The comments from Rafael Nadal came after his defeat against the Australian at the Acapulco Open 2019. The Spaniard said, “He is a player who has enormous talent He could win grand slams and fight the top positions of the ranking, but there is a reason why he is where he is. He lacks respect for the public, the rival and towards himself.”