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It’s A Wrap: Travis Scott’s Fortnite Event Registers ‘Astronomical’ Numbers

It’s A Wrap: Travis Scott’s Fortnite Event Registers ‘Astronomical’ Numbers


An immensely popular online game, Fortnite and an immensely popular rapper, Travis Scott joined hands last week between April 23-25. The outcome was a record-smashing virtual concert named Astronomical. Today the tweet from Fortnite confirmed Travis Scott’s event amassed over 27.7 million unique in-game players who participated live 45.8 million times across the five events. The Astronomical event was indeed astronomical.

Fortnite ft. Travis Scott

Epic Games struck gold as they hosted a live in-game concert featuring the American rapper. The event labeled Astronomical wasn’t Fortnite’s first time hosting a virtual concert. Last year, the popular battle royale staged another virtual show which featured Marshmello and accumulated 10.7 million concurrent in-game players. Travis Scott’s Astronomical excelled that record further with a 12.3 million concurrent players in-game for day one of the concert.

However, the exact number of people who watched the concert is bigger. Apart from the 12.3 million in-game concert-goers, countless others witnessed it via various streams or highlights on Twitch as well as YouTube. Prominent content creators like Ninja, SypherPK, DrLupo, xQc, and many others were among those millions around the globe who participated in Fortnite and Travis Scott’s musical and visual spectacle.

Astronomical Was Insane

The virtual concert featuring Travis Scott exercised a soundtrack featuring his music and exceptional in-game visuals. Players would head-bang and hold flaming mic-stands in the air as they eagerly waited for the show to begin on the Sweaty Sands Beach.

The virtual spectacle began when a meteor-shaped spherical stage approaching the concert floor, locked into place, and launched the participants into the air.

Suddenly, a large projection Scott Travis appeared, and composition from his list of albums followed. It led to a thrilling light show. Large projections of dancers composed of lightning, wind, and then fire, grooved to Travis Scott’s music. Players walked, ran, swam, and flew through the musical and visual spectacle as the rapper switched positions, either by walking or teleporting.

The concert lasted for 15 minutes, and the remarkable experience was worth it. Fortnite fans, Travis Scott fans, music fans in general, everyone will a little something to relish from the virtual event.

If someone was unfortunate enough to miss Travis Scott’s virtual concert here’s a highlight video of the event uploaded by Ninja.

It seems Epic Games is on a mission to change things up entirely to restore to its former brilliance. The Astronomical live-concert event will live long in our memory as mesmerizing. Fortnite thanked everyone who attended and created content around Travis Scott’s Astronomical event. Even though it was a work from home situation, the developers put in their best efforts.

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