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“It’s Arrogant” – Vasek Pospisil Hits Out at French Open 2020 Postponement

“It’s Arrogant” – Vasek Pospisil Hits Out at French Open 2020 Postponement

As the dust settles on the news of the new dates for French Open 2020, Vasek Pospisil talked about certain things regarding the organizers. While the news in itself was quite a lot to process, many players were left fuming at the way it was announced.

The coronavirus outbreak has completely put the tennis season into disarray. As things stand, the Roland Garros will take place a week after the US Open, which is almost unthinkable but necessary.

The COVID-19 is still spreading rapidly across the globe and it was vital that sporting events not be held. The players would be at great risk, moreover, the public health is of utmost importance.

However, it wasn’t the change in schedule that bothered players, rather the way it was communicated to them.

French Open 2020 announcement sparks outrage

The official twitter handle of the event tweeted this out. As it turns out, this was the first time they had announced it, even to the players and the council.

Vasek Pospisil initially replied with a tweet of his own too.

Later on, the Canadian had some more stern words for the way this situation was handled by the French Open officials.

“We’re always trying to make it work for everybody, and they just haven’t consulted the ATP, the players or other tournaments. Just a very selfish move. They’re basically doing a power play right now, and it’s quite arrogant.”

As harsh as it sounds, it could very well be true. There is a possibility that the French Open officials were worried about not getting any dates in the year. Hence, they decided to keep their cards close to their chest and make a surprise announcement.

The USTA released a statement of their own on the US Open after this episode.

US Open statement
US Open statement

Even the USTA seems miffed at the way French Open sprung a surprise on everyone. They are sending a message to the French Open 2020 officials with that last line.

It was not just the players and other events who were caught by surprise. The ATP and WTA also had no inclination about the change in the schedule before the tweet announcement.

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