“It’s Basically All Just Negative”- Ninja On the Current State of His Streaming Career

February 21, 2021 6:35 pm

With over 16 million followers, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is the biggest streamer on Twitch currently. Back in the day, Ninja played Halo 3 professionally for organizations like Cloud 9 and Team Liquid, and eventually began streaming battle royale games such as H1Z1 and PUBG.

Ninja got his big break by playing Fortnite. He broke all the major viewership records on Twitch and was often considered the best player in the community.

Gaming and content creation might look easy at first glance. However, in hindsight, the several downsides attached to the profession become self-evident. Even though big names like Ninja himself have successfully accumulated fame and wealth, they constantly deal with hate and negative comments.

Ninja opens up on receiving hate from viewers

While playing Valorant recently, the American streamer talked about the consistent backlash he receives from his viewers.

“I mean yeah, like when I get donation messages, they’re usually questions or people just talking s**t.”

He further added, “Dude, the honeymoon phase of being me is over. Besides obviously like the revenue that I’ve collected and like the security of my family financially, it’s basically all just negative.”

Prominent Fortnite YouTuber thatdenverguy covered the entire incident in a recent video:

Clearly, Ninja is severely disappointed with his viewers at the moment. Alongside the aforementioned statements, the streamer has been very vocal about the online culture lately.

Ninja’s opinion on the internet

In a recent video where Ninja answered some of the most asked questions by his fans, he outright claimed that hate and negative comments from the internet are never-ending. Despite putting in a lot of efforts to become family friendly, many people still call him a sellout.

Furthermore, Ninja fell victim to a stream sniping when he played Fortnite most recently. He not only rage quit the game, but ranted about how stream snipers ruin the experience for him whenever he returns to the game.

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Last, but not least, Ninja was on the verge of getting canceled because some of his fans mistreated Michele Morrow. In response, the American actress blamed Tyler for creating a toxic audience. She also highlighted Ninja’s previous statements regarding not playing with women gamers.

Even then, Ninja had clarified he avoids playing with women creators only to avoid any complications in his relationship with his wife. Apparently, the internet leaves no opportunity to popularize clips even with a hint of flirting which can certainly affect his relationship.

Is Ninja right in believing that the internet thrives on hate and unnecessary criticism?

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