“It’s Better Than Not Playing Anything” – Karolina Pliskova Opposes Roger Federer

June 4, 2020 2:12 pm

The coronavirus pandemic has affected tennis in a really bad way. The season has already been suspended till August and it looks like there won’t be tennis in 2020 as the virus is still spreading. This is why the governing bodies of tennis came up with an idea – playing tennis without fans. And it is an idea that has the support of Karolina Pliskova. Check it out.

Karolina Pliskova On Tennis Without Fans

A while back, Swiss Maestro Roger Federer said that he was opposed to the idea of playing tennis without fans. And said that the season should return when it’s possible to play with fans. But that is not how Karolina Pliskova is looking at it as she said,

“No matter how or what the conditions, it’s better to play some matches than not play anything. If you have the chance to play a prime-time match, so there’s a lot of people and the atmosphere is great, it’s much better. But we can have matches where there is nobody, so I think it’s not that it would never happen.”

She went on to talk about how women are used to playing in empty stadiums while Federer isn’t. She said,

“Maybe Roger, he never experienced that, but I think me and the girls overall have had the experience of nobody in the stands. I know for Roger for sure it has to be different thinking than for me, but I would definitely choose to play.”

Many lower-ranked players will be happy to hear that Pliskova supports this idea. This is because tennis is their primary source of income and if the tour does not restart in 2020, they will be severely affected. This is why they do not care if the tournaments are played with or without fans.

While many tennis fans will not like this, it seems like the only way to restart tennis in 2020. And a decision regarding this will be taken soon by the governing bodies of tennis depending on the situation with the virus.

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