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“It’s Definitely the Right Decision” – Petra Kvitova on Tokyo Olympics Postponement

“It’s Definitely the Right Decision” – Petra Kvitova on Tokyo Olympics Postponement

Petra Kvitova

The world of sports continues to suffer as all the best-laid plans have gone awry within a couple of months. The coronavirus progresses to spread at an alarming rate, crippling many countries and bringing many others to a halt. Amidst all this chaos, it was impossible for the Tokyo Olympics to go ahead according to the plan. Petra Kvitova reacted to the news in a very calm and level-headed manner.

What started off as insignificant news for the world turned into a worldwide pandemic within months. Sporting events have suffered significantly too, with the tennis Tour currently suspended until June 7.

Initially, the International Olympic Committee wished to hold the Tokyo Olympics 2020 as scheduled. However, this was not really possible with the state of affairs across the globe. Not only is there a travel ban and border lockdown in many nations, but Japan itself is hardly the safest place on the planet.

Moreover, thousands of athletes would have been unduly exposed to unnecessary risks. Multiple nations stated they would abstain from the Games should they go ahead this year. Ultimately, the IOC made the call to postpone the prestigious games to the following year.

Petra Kvitova is optimistic as ever

Petra Kvitova was disappointed with the news but understands why it is a necessary step in the greater scheme of things. She took to Twitter to express her mind.

As Petra says, now is the time to exhibit solidarity and to stick with one another by not sticking together.

Just to avoid any confusion, given my poor joke, the best way to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 disease is to maintain social distance from one another.

Right now, the top priority on all our agendas should be to cope with the disease. Once the public health and safety are safeguarded, the Olympics can go ahead without any risks.

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