“Its Exhausting” – Eugenie Bouchard Opens up on the Side Effects of Social Media

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Players have a huge number of followers on social media. Fans like, share, and comment on their favorite player’s posts. But sometimes this social media can play with the player’s mind as unnecessary criticism and comments can disturb the player. Former World No.5 Eugenie Bouchard is one such who over the years has seen the polar ends of social media.

Bouchard rose to fame in 2014 after she reached the Wimbledon final. As she got famous she got more fans and people started loving her. But the following years as her form dipped Bouchard was subjected to a lot of criticism by people on her posts.

“I just don’t even care anymore” – Eugenie Bouchard

On the Tennis.com podcast, Bouchard spoke about the ups and downs of social media. As the players get famous they indulge with brands and have photoshoots etc. Bouchard also appeared in a lot of photoshoots and so when her form dipped people were asking her to stop everything and start practicing. Which Bouchard didn’t like.

“Yeah, I mean I have been through the whole spectrum of people loving you and everything is going great then things go bad and people hate you and then it’s the comeback. I have been through that wave so many times.” Bouchard said

“It just sucks that people think that social media is like an exact representation of your day when it is not. I can literally go running for 8 hours and then go to dinner and post a selfie and people would think I just went to dinner,” she added

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Bouchard says it was exhausting for her. But now she isn’t scared to post anything as she doesn’t care what people are commenting on her posts.

People need to realize it’s only what people choose to show. So I went through the whole spectrum of wanting to post, not wanting to post. I went through the whole thing of emotions. And I just don’t even care anymore. It’s exhausting. she said

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Tough words from the strong Canadian. Bouchard is now eyeing a comeback to the higher ranks of the tour. At the age of 26, no one will write her off.

Source: Tennis.com

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