“It’s Getting Very Difficult” – Noah Rubin Upset With Income Inequality In Tennis

May 2, 2020 11:38 pm

The quarantine imposed because of Coronavirus has brought the issue of pay inequality in tennis to the centre stage. While it was already discussed by players in hushed tones that the top-ranked players are paid extravagantly more amounts than the lower-ranked ones, the crisis because of no tennis has forced them to openly revolt.

Players like John Millman and Dustin Brown have constantly advocated. They have got support from ATP Player’s Council member Vasek Pospisil. Noah Rubin has become the latest voice to talk about this cause.

He talked to Essentially Sports in an exclusive interview about the various angles of the problem. There need to be serious, coordinated efforts in the opinions of the American star. Let’s find out what he had to say.

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What did Noah Rubin say about pay inequality in tennis?

Noah Rubin referred to a Twitter poll he had seen. According to him, the biggest mode of payment for the top players is brand endorsements and not their earnings from tennis. A model needs to be worked out for lower-ranked players to get this access.

“You know recently I saw something and I posted on Twitter. It was just a poll they made for the highest-paid athletes in the world. Two of then were from individual sports which is Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. But then it showed over 90% of their money was coming from endorsements. So you’re talking about anyone outside of a 100 if you don’t have something cool to show the world, if you’re not very highly marketable your not gonna have that many endorsements.”

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Noah Rubin talked about the kind of money that the Challenger tournaments give.

“Now you’re dealing about the 10% piece and if you’re playing challengers as compared to slams. The money is 3-4, 10 times the amount. It’s getting very difficult you don’t have the prize money or the endorsements. So that’s what we’re dealing with right now.”

The tournaments that are successful are the 1000’s the Grand Slams and only ‘x’ amount of players can play those. So for qualifying guys around 200-250 in the world they have to ensure that they do well in a Grand Slam just to ensure that they make a little bit of money here and there.

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