“It’s Nice to be in a Place Where People Don’t Recognize You” – Max Verstappen

Almost every Formula One driver has some form of presence on social media. The only exception to this is Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel who has abstained from all forms of social media. Interestingly, Max Verstappen is not as frequent on social media as his contemporaries as the Dutchman prefers to limit himself to a few necessary posts.

Those posts are often limited to small competitive messages before a Grand Prix weekend and a short recap once the action concludes. To be perfectly honest, Max Verstappen is only on social media purely for business, otherwise he really cannot be bothered. However, there are rare occasions where he offers a brief glimpse into his private life.

Speaking to De Telegraaf , the 22-year-old driver was questioned about his social media strategy to interact with fans. He remembered one instance when he and his girlfriend Dilara Sanlik spent their vacation in the United States in 2018.

He said, “When you go on vacation, it is also handy to take your girlfriend with you. That goes very well. We take it easy. No crazy things, no dramas, I like that very much.” America itself also likes: “I’m not bothered so much and I can do what I want. Occasionally it’s nice to be in a place where people don’t recognize you.

A year earlier he and his girlfriend flew to Ibiza and spent some quality time together. He believes that it is important to spend time with the people that he loves the most. Verstappen also thinks that it is during these moments that while they get to meet a lot of people, it is important to estimate who one’s true friends are and who are not. The Red Bull driver observed that in today’s day and age, everyone wants to be friends with him but he does his best to keep to himself when needed

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Dhruv George