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“It’s Not Going To Be Easy For Amanda Anisimova”- Nick Kyrgios

“It’s Not Going To Be Easy For Amanda Anisimova”- Nick Kyrgios

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios and Amanda Anisimova are all set to take part in the mixed doubles event at the Australian Open 2020. This unique pair has many fans excited.

Now, Nick Kyrgios has commented on what he think about teaming up with Anisimova at the event.

What Did Nick Kyrgios Say?

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Nick Kyrgios revealed that for him, the purpose of playing mixed doubles was to have fun on the court.

“I just want to go out there and have a lot of fun. She’s an amazing person. I’m just looking forward to go out there and hopefully, I mean, she lost first round. I know it’s not going to be easy for her to be around the tournament”.

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios expressed hope that he can act as a source of cheerfulness for Anisimova who is not going through a very good time. She also had to go through the pain of discussing her deceased father after an insensitive question put forth by a journalist.

“Hopefully, I can get her up, bring some good vibes. Hopefully we can do well. I think we can. She’s an amazing player. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been excited for this for like a month and a half. I’m like a little kid at the moment. I’m pretty excited… I get more nervous in doubles matches and stuff because I don’t want to let anyone down.”

Amanda Anisimova

Whom Will The Pair Of Kyrgios And Anisimova Face?

Kyrgios and Anisimova will take on the pair of Monique Adamczak and David Vega Hernandez. The pair make an interesting team and will certainly bring more eyeballs to the mixed doubles matches considering their status as singles stars.

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For Anisimova, this is an opportunity to put the singles disappointment behind her and embrace the opportunity in hand. Hopefully, they both can help each other to become better players.

Do you think Kyrgios and Anisimova can advance in the mixed doubles?



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