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“It’s Not Happening”- CSGO Source 2 Port Reportedly Far Off

Published 07/03/2020, 9:15 AM EDT

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The Source 2 engine has been one of Valve’s most game-changing innovations since its arrival in 2015. It thoroughly changed the gaming experience of Valve’s in-house titles. Of course, all of you must be well aware that Dota 2 was the first Valve title to port to this engine, and it changed the visual experience of the game to how we see it today. Thanks to the high-performing Vulcan API, the games rendered with this engine turn out to be a visual spectacle. CSGO fans have been waiting for the same for quite a while now.

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Being the in-house engine of Valve, there has been a lot of speculation among fans lately if CSGO devs will port the game to the Source 2 engine. Undoubtedly, this would change the entire visual experience of the game and will enhance the gameplay. But being a game as vast as CSGO in terms of community content, it is not an easy task.

Tyler McVicker, the creator of Valve News Network, recently dropped disappointing news on his Twitch stream regarding this matter.


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Source 2 is not coming to CSGO… yet

There have been enormous discussions in the CS: GO community regarding the port to the Source 2 engine. Reportedly this engine change was supposed to happen this year. But Tyler, who is a CS: GO insider directly related to Valve, dropped the truth bomb on this in his stream.

According to Tyler, Valve had a meeting about this matter and have decided not to make the engine change for CS: GO. Although Tyler does not say it will never happen. To directly quote him, what he said was,


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“It’s not happening. There was a meeting and they made a decision because it is too much work. As of now, it’s not happening.”

Tyler goes on to provide reasons for why the engine change for CS: GO is so highly unlikely. CS: GO has an insanely large community base. As a result, the mere size of the community content makes it really tricky for devs to port it to another engine. Here is what Tyler says about this:

“They’re not going to do it… And it’s not like they can’t port the game, it’s that they can’t port the community content.”

Well, this makes sense really but at the same time comes as disappointing news to the fans who were really hoping for this to happen.

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Is this a total impossibility, or…

Okay, this may come across as some wishful thinking supported by the words of another person, but hear us out. Another CS: GO insider NorS2021 posted a tweet earlier in June about the CS: GO-Source 2 issue. Half of his statement is similar to what Tyler said. He does say, in this tweet, that porting this game is a lot of work. But he also says that it is definitely happening.


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This, he says, is as per sources. Frankly, we do not whether we should hope for it, given the fact that Tyler’s stream is the more recent one. Well, looks like we have to play the waiting game on this one like we are already doing for the next major Half-Life title.

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