Ivan Lendl the Missing Piece in The Puzzle for Zverev?

November 19, 2018 8:37 pm

Alexander Zverev bulldozed past two of the biggest names in the tennis world (Federer and Djokovic), to capture one of the most prestigious trophy on the tour, thus announcing the arrival of the younger generation to the party. Alexander Zverev has often been criticized for his lack of performances in the big tournaments, despite having the skill set to do much better than his current performances.

Ivan Lendl might just be the shining beacon of light in Zverev’s struggles to make a really denting impact in the ATP Roster. Indeed it must have been Ivan Lendl’s addition in his box that might have fueled his victories against Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic at the ATP World Tour Finals. Indeed Zverev did drop a praise on Lendl after his title victory in London.

He obviously analyzed the match that I played with him (Djokovic) a few days ago, told me a few things I had to do different”, said Alexander Zverev. “I was more aggressive today’,he continued. “I tried to take the ball earlier. Those kind of things.”

“But my dad is the one that gave me the base”, said Zverev as he hugged his dad first after his victory. “My dad is the one that taught me the game of tennis. I’m very thankful to him for that. That’s how it is. I mean, he built my foundation. He built the person that I am. Obviously there’s a lot of credit to Ivan. I always say that. But my dad deserves the most credit out of everyone. Everything I do on the court is thanks to my dad because he’s been there for the past 21 years”, said the German before returning back to dropping more praise on Ivan Lendl for his contribution. 

“Obviously Ivan, the experience he has on and off the court, is amazing. That helped me, as well, to kind of play the two matches that I played back-to-back now.’  Zverev also smiled and spoke about his dog being present at his match- ‘Family dog, I mean, family dog has been on a lot of courts”, smiled Zverev. “I think every court except Wimbledon, because they just would kick him off. It was a great moment obviously taking a moment with the whole team, with my dog there, with my family. It was great”, he added.

Ivan Lendl, as we all know, took Andy Murray and made him into what he is today. The addition of someone who has seen it all, in the team, could just be what the doctor has ordered for Alexander Zverev. It remains to be seen how much of an importance this victory can have on Zverev’s career, as he looks back after a few years. The bottom-line remains that with this title in his bag, Zverev will be brimming with confidence and rearing to start his 2019 season.

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