Jamie Carragher: Good start essential for Liverpool

August 6, 2015 11:42 pm

Former Liverpool player and present football pundit Jamie Carragher believes that in order for Liverpool to give a title contention this season, they need to get a good start in the league, as he told to Sky Sports News.

The Reds had a disappointing last season as they plummeted to 6th position after a title race with Manchester City, who won the league in the previous edition. Most of it is attributed to bad transfers, but Jamie believes that this time is different.

“It is vital for everyone, but I think there will be a lot of eyes on Liverpool this season, because there have been a lot of new players coming in, there have been changes to the coaching staff and people know Liverpool have a tough start.

“We know that Liverpool did not have a great season last season and all eyes will be on Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool, so it is vital that they get off to a good start because the fixtures they have got are very difficult.

“But it is certainly a difficult start for them on paper and it is vital that they start well at Stoke and certainly do not come away with a defeat on the opening day.”

After the 6-1 loss to Stoke on the last matchday last season, that was a huge hit to the team morale, and the manager Brendan Rodgers had a difficult job to ensure that the team comes back strong and hearty for the next season.

A flurry of signings by the team is a sign of encouragement, as he believes the club has done much better deals this time rather than  the last season, in which most of the newer players largely fell flat.  With players like Firmino and Milner coming in, and getting a good value for Sterling with Manchester City, Carragher believes they can strike back.

“I think every signing you can understand, whereas last summer there were certain signings that you could not quite understand why they were made,” he said. “But I think that this summer getting James Milner in, with Premier League experience, he has been there and done it with Manchester City and so is a good signing.”

Liverpool play their  first game against Stoke City on the 9th of August and have a challenging first half of the season up ahead of them.


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