Jamie Murray reveals the reason to resign from the ATP Player Council after a seven-hour meeting on Friday evening. The British suggested that “vendettas” and “people out for their own gains” induced him to resign from the ATP Player Council.

Andy Murray‘s elder brother, Jamie Murray was one of the four people to resign from the ATP Player Council on Friday. His fellow players, Robin Haase and Sergiy Stakhovsky and coach Dani Vallverdu were the other three players to step down from their position at the player council after the meeting.

Jamie Murray

Jamie Murray, who has been the member of the ATP Players Council for the last three years said, “The first two years I really enjoyed, felt like I was able to accomplish quite a lot of things.”

Jamie Murray said in a fiery statement on why he resigned from the player council, “Obviously the last year it’s kind of got political, people out for their own gains I think, a few vendettas perhaps out there as well. For me, we’re not accomplishing anything here.”

Jamie Murray

He further continued that he felt fed up of wasting time in the long meetings. As the topic for discussion during those long meeting were not tennis. He said, “I was kind of fed up sitting in these six, seven-hour meetings and coming out of it and we’re not talking about the tennis, we’re not talking about the tour. I was like, ‘I’m not going to waste my time with that anymore.”

Jamie Murray also revealed that there are some people trying to get into power and accomplish their personal agendas. “I think there are a few people out there in various positions, or not in positions, that are kind of trying to grab power and kind of push their own agendas, which personally I don’t believe in that route and it’s not something I really want to be attached to,” the 33-year-old said.

Jamie Murray

He further added, “There’s a lot of good people out there that want the best for tennis but it seems to me that there’s a small minority that maybe disagree with things.”