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Japanese Grand Prix 2019: Weather Predictions Show a Wild Weekend

Japanese Grand Prix 2019: Weather Predictions Show a Wild Weekend

The Japanese Grand Prix 2019 is barely a week away and the action is heating up. Scuderia Ferrari have proven that they can pose a serious threat to Mercedes. However, Red Bull will be boosted by hundreds of cheering fans as the Japanese Grand Prix 2019 is Honda’s home race.

The Bulls will also be eager to pick up any pieces if or when the Ferrari duo begin warring. However, there is a glaring issue that will face all the teams in Suzuka, namely Mother Nature. Apparently, there is cyclonic weather in the island trio, which could wreak havoc.

Rain has always been a factor at the Japanese Grand Prix and this year will be no different. However, the kind of rain that is predicted, driver will want to tread very carefully at the Suzuka Circuit. The last time there was a cyclone in Japan, it was the 2014 season, and it did not end so well.

In terms of the weather conditions for the Japanese Grand Prix 2019 weekend, things are going to be dicey for the teams on Friday. Temperature will be varying, with the lowest being 19°C and the highest being 27°C. The qualifying session on Saturday may take place in similar conditions, with the skies mostly holding back, except for intermittent showers.

However, Sunday’s race will be a tricky one, with at least 74% humidity and temperatures of 22°C. In other words, the conditions will be a real test for the teams and drivers.

In terms of winning the race, Lewis Hamilton is of the opinion that Mercedes may not be the favourites to win. Instead, he thinks that the battle will be between Ferrari and Red Bull.

With regard to the tyre allocation for the Japanese Grand Prix 2019, the Renaults and the Haas teams opted for 10 sets of soft tyres. Meanwhile, Mercedes are the only team electing to run 8 sets of softs, with the remaining teams on 9 sets each. On the medium tyre allocation, the Silver Arrows stocked up on 4 sets of tyres, the most out of anybody.

It was also worth noting that Nico Hulkenberg is the only driver with one set of mediums. Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, Toro Rosso and Robert Kubica have 3 sets. Meanwhile, the rest of the grid have two sets of mediums.

On the prime tyres, George Russell, the two Racing Point cars and Nico Hulkenberg have two sets to play with. The rest of the pack have to make do with one set.

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