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Jenson Button Wants Ricciardo to Drive for Ferrari in 2019

Jenson Button Wants Ricciardo to Drive for Ferrari in 2019


Daniel Ricciardo runs out of contract this year. Signed in 2015, his three year contract ends this season, with he being pretty certain that he doesn’t want to commit to Red Bull, yet. He’s admitted that he’s looking for options elsewhere and so have Red Bull, in case the Australian decides to leave. Doors at Mercedes seem to have shut for Ricciardo with Toto Wolff saying the team isn’t looking for anywhere apart from its own drivers. There might be a possibility of him driving for Ferrari in 2019, considering Kimi is on a single year contract.

His former rival, Jenson Button, who also shares a good bond with Ricciardo commented on Ricciardo’s future in Formula One, calling him incredibly lucky.

“I’m guessing he has the opportunity of going to Ferrari, a possibility at Mercedes and Red Bull,” Button told Sky Sports.

“It’s a tough one – those are the top three teams!

“No one really gets that opportunity and he’s very lucky to find himself in that situation. He’s got to go with his heart and go with a team that feels right for him with the team atmosphere.

“Personally, I’d like to see him in a Ferrari.”

He went on to add that Ricciardo’s decision to delay the decision seems justified considering he needs time to analyse all the options before him.

“He doesn’t want to make the decision too soon but he also doesn’t want to make it too late,” he added.

“Then it looks like he’s seeing who was most competitive towards the end of the year. Next year is a completely different year and who knows who’s going to be competitive?”

Daniel Ricciardo has already won a race this year, at the Chinese Grand Prix. Despite this, Red Bull isn’t shy of letting him go, being pretty certain they want a decision from him at the earliest. Currently Carlos Sainz is rumored to be next in line for the Red Bull seat, in case Ricciardo leaves.

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