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Jessica Blevins and Ninja- The Gaming Couple Everyone Is Jealous Of

Published 04/25/2020, 8:47 AM EDT

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Ninja, the gaming sensation has a perfect life, doesn’t he? From the other side of the screen, the life of a pro-gamer/streamer seems easy enough. All you have to do is play games with easy money, right? Well, that is remotely not close to the struggles these games go through to entertain us. What seems like an easy task is a life-long struggle, and if it is not a shared struggle, it becomes problematic.

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Jessica Blevins, wife of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, knows about that hardship better than anyone else. He is one of the most popular gamers out there, and she supports him as a manager. They tied the knot back in 2017 and since then have experienced the best of both worlds. Marriage and gaming may not always go hand in hand, but this couple is definitely setting goals for everyone out there.

A Trip Down The Memory Lane


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As fate would have it, these two almost didn’t end up knowing each other. These two met at a gaming tournament back in 2010, and both of them had an existing relationship back then. They almost did not meet due to a sandstorm on the day of the event, but fate has its way of putting in front of us which seems impossible. Jessica had recently broken up with her boyfriend, while Tyler had a girlfriend back then. One of the reasons why they did not connect back then. Although Jessica did admit the fact that she used to stalk him time to time on Facebook.

Fast forward to three years later, they reconnected, and instantly they struck up their chemistry. They had this cute little bet, which included their favorite team losing and visiting each other. Ninja visited her, and their relationship began. Since then, it was quite difficult for the couple to function as a regular couple. With Ninja streaming games all day, there was no time for the relationship. Nevertheless, they figured it out for themselves by chalking out a much needed schedule.This not only gave them a proper structure, but also helped their relationship bloom into something productive. 


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Ninja Has A Tough Schedule

Ninja has a 12-hour work schedule, which almost always tires him out. Early on in their relationship, Jessica realized that to make this relationship work; they needed some time together. It seemed impossible without a proper schedule. The schedule includes an official break time, which helps them a lot, as this is the only “couple time” they get. Other than that, she is mostly handling the ‘Team Ninja’ brand, answering emails, and running the house.


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After Jessica took over the business side of things, it started getting much better as she was much more efficient at it. Ninja’s career owes a great deal to Jessica’s support. She said that it was not an easy task to be his manager at first, as she literally had to reach out to companies. However, it turned full circle now as companies, brands, and even celebrities are reaching out to them for potential tie-ups. 

Jessica also knows how to keep professional and personal life separate. She is proud of him grinding every day and also making time to surprise her with romantic gestures. This couple is showing us how to do things right and getting the best out of whatever time they can devote to each other.

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