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“Joe Doesn’t Really Understand”- Ninja Responds to Rogan

“Joe Doesn’t Really Understand”- Ninja Responds to Rogan

It has been a controversial day for the eSports community. Joe Rogan made some hefty comments about video games and gaming in general. Many did not take it too well and now popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins voiced his thoughts on the issue.


Joe Rogan on games

In a recent podcast with Jo de Sena, Rogan was critical of video games. He termed games as fun and addictive and went on to opine that they get you nowhere in life. 

“Video games are a real problem. They’re a real problem. You know why? Because they’re f**king fun. You do them, and they’re real exciting, but you don’t get anywhere.

The statement led to a widespread uproar among the gaming community.

Joe Rogan started off with UFC back in 1997. He has primarily been a color commentator for the company and has also made his name as a comedian. Rogan previously opted to stay out of EA UFC 4 because of his hatred of doing voiceovers. 

He has not been present in the UFC titles since the 3rd edition. However, it appears now that Rohan’s feelings towards video games, in general, are similar. Although, it is still surprising given the fact that he does play games.

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Ninja Responds to the comments

Ninja stated that he thinks Rogan is talking without having in-depth knowledge of the community. Some have struggled to make a living out of gaming, but there are countless success stories out there too.

It sounds like he is talking about the top 1%, like the odd or one-off chance that you are gonna be a professional eSports player and a successful one at that.

He went on to say that you can be a player but it could be in a tier 2 organization and that means you wouldn’t be paid much. 

I just think Joe doesn’t really understand the full context of what the gaming community is and how many different avenues you can be successful in gaming. I mean there is streaming, content creation, YouTube, being a professional player and being a coach.”

Ninja also stated that even eSports coaches are being valued a lot more now, similar to any other sport. There are so many different ways you can be successful in the world of gaming these days and Ninja was full of love for his profession. 

Rogan’s comments have enraged many, who have voiced out in support of their community. The UFC commentator’s words may have been a bit harsh, however, Ninja has taken the calm route to address the matter. This, more rightly, clarifies the humility across the eSports community.

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