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Joe Rogan Predicts Whittaker vs Adesanya Along with UFC President, Dana White

Joe Rogan Predicts Whittaker vs Adesanya Along with UFC President, Dana White

Joe Rogan

The stage can’t be bigger than this. The entire Marvel Stadium will be filled with fans for the biggest middleweight fight in UFC history, Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya. In this title unification fight, Robert Whittaker will make his much-awaited return. While Adesanya will try to live up to the hype and win his very first undisputed UFC title.

It’s not just a fight between two individuals. it’s a fight between two cultures. While Whittaker will be representing Australia, Adesanya will be representing the Kiwis and that just makes the fight even more compelling to the fans.

Well, it’s very difficult to predict who is going to win this fight because both of them are two of the greatest to ever do it. While Whittaker looks the favorite on paper, Adesanya is arguably the best striker in UFC history. Even UFC analyst and commentator, Joe Rogan could not predict the winner with all his wisdom about the sports. Discussing this super-fight with UFC president, Dana White, Joe Rogan said:

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But what we do know is I believe that Adesanya Style Blender is the most technical striker in the division. I think he is the most technical striker Whittaker has ever fought. That said, Whittaker is incredibly diverse. He finds ways to win. He is absolutely one of the best middleweights of all time. It’s one of the greatest middleweight of all time. It’s the most hyped-up middleweight fight of all time. Two of the most skillful guys of all time. We just have to find who is greater.”

Style Blender is 17-0 in his MMA career and he will be considered one of the greatest to ever do it if he gets past Robert Whittaker. Talking about Adesanya’s legacy, Joe Rogan said:

“This is a chance for Style Blender to cement his legacy. He really right now has the opportunity to face one of the greatest middleweight champions ever. And he has a chance to catch him in his prime. If style Blender can beat Whittaker he lives up to the hype. Cause right now the hype is substantial.”

Rogan also implied that in this fight Whittaker might take Adesanya down or the Style Blender can expose some holes in Whittaker’s striking. basically he suggested that anything can happen.

Dana White was also impressed with all the achievements Adesanya has been able to get so far in his short UFC run. 

It’s one of Who the fuck knows fight,” said Rogan to describe the fight in short.

Reportedly, Joe Rogan will not be attending the super fight between Israel Adesanya vs Robert Whittaker. Jon Anik and Dominick Curz are likely to cover UFC 243 from Melbourne.

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