John McEnroe
Boris Becker, John McEnroe and Mats Wilander

In sports an individual practices harder and harder during training in order to face the worst of the situations during a match. A player just can’t take the timeouts for the sake of energizing himself or call up his trainer on the court just because he/she has fatigued or exhausted during a match. The legendary tennis players, Mats Wilander, Boris Becker and John McEnroe spoke about the right usage of medical time out rule in professional tennis.

“If you cramp, the trainer is not allowed to help you but if you have tired legs and the trainer comes up at the changeover, it should not be part of the game. If you have an injury, it’s okay, but if you have got tired legs, that can’t be right. That’s why you train so hard, especially at the best of five. It’s a big difference between the three and five sets,” Wilander mentioned.

John McEnroe
Federer and Tsitsipas Australian Open 2019

Later, Becker mention about the trend which the young generation of tennis follows, like getting in touch with their trainers in the middle of the match. “You have seen too many matches especially on the men’s side where players, especially young players, called the trainer in the fourth set because they were tired and then they got better,” said Becker. This is a horrific activity which is being carried out by the young generation of tennis and such gestures simply imply unprofessionalism and disgraceful sportsman spirits. 

The legend, John McEnroe was outraged by Stefanos Tsitsipas‘ actions against Roger Federer during the fourth round match at the Australian Open 2019. During the fourth set of the match, Tsitsipas called his trainer on the court. “He (Tsitsipas) called the trainer in the fourth set. It’s within the rules so he is allowed to, but it should not happen. More people talk about it and from the spectator and commentator’s view it changes the dynamic,” John McEnroe mentioned.

John McEnroe
Australian Open 2019

Taking the leverage of the medical time out, the young players are simply exploiting the culture in tennis. “Roger made a commentary to the umpire, ‘so he called the trainer ten minutes ago, why?’ And on clay especially, when you play for three or four hours, it changes the elements. Terrible rule,” Becker concluded.