John Millman Clarifies Fellow ATP Player’s Taunting Comments

By 7 months ago

John Millman is not one of those guys that you’ll find in the grand slam winning conversation. In fact, he’s not even been around the top 10 rankings.

However, he is still revered by many in the tennis world. That is simply because of his unflinching work ethic and his unabashed expression of opinions on the issues he’s passionate about. Talking about his on-court perseverance, his US Open victory over Roger Federer is still talked about.

More recently, he took Federer to the absolute limit at the Australian Open before missing out. However, his real value lies in his consistent backing for the idea of a more equitable field for the lower-ranked tennis players. Dustin Brown, who is world number 239, reminded the world why they should be respecting Millman.

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What did Dustin Brown say about John Millman?

Dustin Brown posted a message which was initially considered a taunt by some fans. John Millman had been advocating for the lower-ranked tennis players. This is what Brown tweeted in reply.

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It’s easy to be fooled by his words because he doesn’t do a very good job at adequately framing his sentence. It looks dangerously close to sarcasm. However, both Millman and Brown came ahead to clarify that this was just a show of respect for the Australian.

Coming back to Brown’s comment, he is actually making a lot of sense. John Millman is not someone who is struggling to make ends meet through tennis. In fact, he has won total prize money of $3,684,560.

He is leading a pretty comfortable life courtesy of his exploits in the sports. The fact that he still spares a thought for an issue that doesn’t affect him directly speaks volumes about his intent. It will be really good to see other stars following his example.

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