John Millman Raises Questions on ‘Big 3’ Fans

By 7 months ago

John Millman is one of the most vocal tennis professionals on a broad range of topics related to the sport. The Australian now raised doubts about the fans not enjoying the era of the ‘Big Three’ and instead are getting into the debates of who is better.

Tennis fans often have this peculiar fate that they are always asked one question that they cannot dismiss – Who is your favorite player between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic? Subsequently, fans tend to be parked firmly in one camp or the other. Consequently, the debate on who is the best amongst the ‘Big 3’ is raging for the past decade.

“I’m genuinely interested as to why this is the case?” – John Millman

Among the Big Three, there is a strong sporting rivalry and so the fans get into the debates due to the nature of the sport itself. They fall into this perplexity through no fault of their own and there is no stopping of these debates.

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Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic are the most dominant players in this tennis era. The trio is ruling the roost for the past ten years. Moreover, they are leading the Grand Slam tally of winning the most Slams in the history of men’s tennis, taking the top three spots respectively.

“This one to the tennis fans. Why are there some fans out there who can’t appreciate the big three in their entirety? Instead, they have their favorite and go ahead and attack the other two? I’m genuinely interested as to why this is the case?” Millman asked on Twitter.

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Millman is absolutely right in the context. Fans should enjoy watching the three Goliaths of the sport instead of indulging in debates and criticizing the other two.

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