John Millman Takes A Dig At ATP Tour

By 6 months ago

The Coronavirus pandemic has been hard on some tennis players. Lower ranked players have suffered the brunt of the crisis through varied means. Till now, Australian tennis veteran John Millman has been one of their biggest voices.

Even though he’s not really hovering below the top 100, Millman continues to raise his voice for those who need it the most. He had earlier attacked the highly unequal prize money distribution that inflicts tennis. His latest criticism was of the poor communication that ATP has maintained with the players.

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This is something that has also been articulated by a few other tennis players in the past. They have alleged that while the authority has been pretty transparent with the top-ranked players, it has been pretty non-transparent with those who lack the clout. Millman’s latest tweet is seen as a shade thrown at the ATP.

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What did John Millman say in his tweet?

John Millman said that his only source of information on the resumption of the tour was through Twitter. There’s no other stream of conversation with the players.

“I check my twitter feed these days to get the latest updates on the ATP Tour. Rome mid-September? Thanks twitter for letting me know.”

It’s really surprising to see ATP still maintain a gap with all the players. In these times of financial uncertainty, players need to know when they can get their jobs back at the earliest. Having the player relief fund on the one hand and withholding information on the other sends mixed signals at the wrong time.

What is needed is constant communication with the players. This makes this extremely difficult period a little easier. Players need to know that the authorities have their back in a period when their sources of income have dried up.

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