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Jon Jones And His Pet Dog Share Progress On His “Home Project”

Jon Jones And His Pet Dog Share Progress On His “Home Project”

Jon Jones, UFC

We all know Jon Jones and his love for animals. He has recently taken up a home project and has posted a video of his progress.

Jon Jones’ Twitter is filled with pictures and videos of his dog. He’s been training him as a guard dog to add some extra protection! And he posted a video that shows the dog working on a few “protective tricks”. Tricks that are well and truly worthy of treats!

Jones sets up training sessions for his canine with the help of a bite sleeve, whip, and a rather brave lieutenant. Jones’ most recent video displays his dog charging at his partner ferociously. What transpires in the video is enough to leave the bravest of people, weak in the knees, let alone cynophobes.

This session saw Jones walking his dog, and his partner standing in the driveway with a sleeve on. The dog, in the split of a second, pounces at him, going directly for the arm. Thank god for the protective sleeve! That bit could quite literally tear a man’s arm off.

Jones captioned the video “0 to 100 real quick.”

Did Jon Jones always have it in him?

Jon Jones’ history with the law has not always been as bad as it is now. There was a time, before his reign as UFC’s light heavyweight champion when he studied criminal justice. NOC TV and the Broome County Sheriff’s Department decided to test Jones’ knowledge back in 2012. Jones spent a day going through police academy training. On this show, he was seen getting mauled by a K-9 Unit dog. So he knows better than anyone else out there what that actually feels like.

Jon Jones

And now Jones owns a guard dog of his own that can pull off similar tricks. His home project seems to be going quite well. What do you think of Jon Jones’ attempt to keep himself busy during this lockdown?

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