WWE Champion Sends A Stern Warning To Jon Jones Over His WWE Ambitions

February 13, 2020 12:48 am

Throughout history, there have been many crossovers between mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. Recently, Jon Jones has said that a potential move to WWE is inevitable in the future.

In an interview, the current WWE Raw Women’s Champion “The Man” Becky Lynch responded to Jon Jones wanting to join the WWE.

Lynch said: “People think this a cakewalk. There is nothing like what we do and it’s not as simple as just walking in here. You have to make a name for yourself.”

“This isn’t a thing where you have one fight every six months. This is a thing where you fight 3,4 sometimes even 7 days a week. 52 weeks a year.”

Usually, professional wrestlers have a hectic schedule with little to no breaks in between. Athletes are constantly on the road travelling to different venues throughout the year. Because of the tight schedule, injuries are quite common in the world of professional wrestling.

To be successful at professional wrestling, one needs to have good in-ring skills. A professional wrestler who has good microphone skills is more likely to succeed. Last Year, Tyson Fury used his mic skills excellently during his short run with the WWE.

Becky Lynch Warns Jon Jones

Lynch continued with her verbal onslaught.

She said: “If he loves it like how I do, then come along, I’ll show you the ropes but if he just wants to make some easy money, this ain’t the way to do it.” 

While there have been athletes who were passionate about the sport, many just did it for the money. Different athletes from different sports have had a one-off with WWE. The company is known to pay large amounts of money to athletes for special guest appearances. Mike Tyson had a gig with the WWE in which he was paid an estimated $3.5 million.

At the moment, Jon Jones looks happy in the UFC. The champion is still in his peak physical form. After his last victory against Dominick Reyes, there are ample opportunities for him in the UFC itself.

If he wants, Jones can make a run in the WWE. However, it should be after the end of his MMA career. He does have what it takes to meet the physical demands of the sport. The possibilities for Jones in WWE are endless. Fans might even get to see a fantasy matchup between Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar in a WWE ring.

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