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Former UFC Champion Talks about a Potential Fight With Jon Jones

Former UFC Champion Talks about a Potential Fight With Jon Jones

Jon Jones has been inside the octagon 26 times by now and yet there has not been any fighter who has out skilled Jones. Jones is arguably the best fighter to ever compete inside the UFC octagon with a near-perfect record. He has beaten multiple generations of fighters  in his illustrious career, wiping out the entire lightweight division in the process.

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Well, Jones does has another challenger from the middleweight division. Former Middleweight champion, Chris Weidman is gunning for the fight with Jon Jones after his fight with Dominick Reyes and he is determined to shock the world once again.

Talking about his goal to be the first guy to beat Jones, Weidman said:

“Being the guy that shocks the world not once but twice against who the people thinks is the greatest of all time and against someone that think can even be beaten and that’s where Anderson Silva was when I fought him and that’s where Jon jones is right now. So that motivates the hell out of me. That’s the legacy I want.”

Jon Jones

Chris Weidman also pointed out that Jones has been slowing down and has not been finishing his opponents lately. He also claimed that his ground game and power will be enough to overcome Jones. Weidman claimed:

” I don’t think he looked as dangerous. He is not finishing. He is great but I see there are definitely holes in there. I always believed there was a blueprint to beat him. I always knew he was beatable. A guy like me with power in hand the hands also the wrestling and jiu-jitsu, I think I take it to him.”

Jon Jones

Though it seems unlikely for Weidman to fight Jones if he overcomes Reyes, but it certainly makes a strong argument for the title shot since Reyes is a top contender for the title. Chris Weidman said that he has always known that at some point he would have to fight Jones and he wishes to fight him after the fight Reyes.

Weidman said:
“Obviously Jon Jones being the champ, he is the guy I am gunning for. He is the guy I have always wanted to fight when I was even 185 pounds champion. I see that at some point. I don’t know if it’s gonna be directly after the next fight. I would love for it to be. But we will see what happens. I got to go out there and make a statement.”

Chris Weidman faces Dominick Reyes in the main event of UFC on ESPN 6 card. A win over Reyes will catapult Weidman in the rankings of the division. However, will that provide us enough evidence that Chris Weidman can be the firs fighter to beat Jon Jones?

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