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Jon Jones is Scared of Moving to Heavyweight implies Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones is Scared of Moving to Heavyweight implies Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones

Jon Jones is still undefeated after a decade in UFC. He has beaten many legends of the sport and considered arguably the greatest martial artist of all time. However, Chael Sonnen says that Jon Jones is the greatest light heavyweight of all time.

Chael considers George St Pierre the GOAT and the reason is he was the champion at two different divisions, something that Jon Jones has not been able to achieve yet.  talking about the champ-champ trend in his recent video, Chael Sonnen said:

The champ-champ thing is very very real for the era we are living in right now. It’s also very refreshing. Now we got guys and gals achieving that. We have GSP talking about champ champ champ. And we have Cejudo and Amanda talking about the same. And that becomes relevant to Jon Jones.”

Jon jones

Chael Sonnen has been very critical of Jones lately. Chael has even called Jones stupid for his lack of understanding of the fight business. However, on this occasion, Chael might be right. Jones does need to achieve the champ-champ feet to be considered the greatest of all time.

Henry Cejudo has won two titles at tow different division in UFC and he has a gold medal in Olympics. Why shouldn’t he be considered the GOAT?

If we are talking about the undefeated streak, then why shouldn’t Khabib be considered the GOAT?

And if we are talking about the pound per pound skills of a fighter, how can you make an argument that Demitrious Johnson is not the GOAT?

The obstacles Jones had in getting a title at a different division was believed to be his size and weight. He is too big to fight in the middleweight and he is too small for the heavyweights. However, we saw Stipe Miocic weighing in at 230 pounds in his fight against Daniel Cormier and he won the fight. So what’s stopping Jones from moving to heavyweight now?

“Somebody as fragile as he(Jones) is going to want that down the line. but Jon is a perfect light heavyweight. He is too big to go down to middle weight. He argues that he is not big enough to go up to heavyweight.”

Talking about the similarities between Stipe and Jones when it comes to weight Chael said that they are basically of the same weight now. And if Jones doesn’ fight Stipe at heavyweight now then the weight was never the reason for Jon Jones not moving up to heavyweight. it’s very obvious that Jones’s undefeated streak will be in danger if he fights a heavyweight such as Stipe Miocic or Francis Ngannou. Suggesting that Chael said:

“it’s a fair complain by him if u talk about size. But Stipe Miocic weighs 230 pounds from his last fight. That’s basically what Jon Jones weighs. Jon Jones wrestled at 197 pounds in school and so did Stipe. We are finally going to know if the weight was the true reason for Jones not moving up to heavyweight.”

It was believed that Jon Jones was going to fight Daniel Cormier after UFC 241. However, with Cormier’s loss against Stipe things have changed for Jon Jones now. A trilogy fight between Stipe Miocic makes more sense for DC than a trilogy fight with Jon Jones since Jones has defeated Cormier twice.

Jon Jones

it’s undeniable that Jon Jones has to achieve the champ-champ feet to be considered the GOAT, something Chael has stressed upon for a meaningful period. And even if the fight with Israel Adesanya is on the table, moving up to heavyweight to capture the heavyweight throne seems the more viable option for the light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

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