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“Jon Jones is Stupid”: The Bad Guy, Chael Sonnen has a Few Things to Say about Jon Jones

“Jon Jones is Stupid”: The Bad Guy, Chael Sonnen has a Few Things to Say about Jon Jones

It all started with the return of Jon Jones after the suspension that he faced for the traces of performance-enhancing substance found in his system. Jon was scheduled to fight Alexander Gustafsson to defend his light heavyweight title on the main event of UFC 235 in Las Vegas. And after Jon tested positive for pictograms traces of PEDs found in his system, UFC shifted the whole event from Las Vegas to Nevada cause Nevada state athletic commission didn’t issue a license to Jon for a fight.

On the weigh-ins of UFC 235, Chael Sonnen was in his analyst suit for ESPN with Ariel Helwani and Bret Okamoto. And Chael has few fascinating things to say. He mentioned that once you tested negative i.e you have zero metabolites or performance-enhancing substances in your system it doesn’t go up again without further use of PEDs.

He also raised a very interesting question about whether Jon took more PEDs during his training camp and only pictograms of PEDs were left in the fight week. And this made Jon upset which was visible when Jon Jones didn’t respond to Chael in his post-fight interview with ESPN. Since then there have been few moments of friction between these two.

Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen, who revolutionized the fight business with the promos and appealing pre-fight interviews have often raised one very important question about Jon Jones. Considering Jon the greatest ever to do it , there is no element of uncertainty among the fans when Jon fights an opponent. It’ll always be certain that Jon is going to dominate in his fight and win and this certainty gets less attention and creates fewer interests among the fans to tune in and watch the fight.

Chael has always been a critique of Jon’s fight selling abilities. And in his latest video on his channel, he said the following

“Jon Jones is stupid. Jon Jones is one of the best fighters to ever fight and he doesn’t fight to sold-out arena

He is not going to fight in front of a sold-out arena for a meaningful period. He couldn’t sell out an arena right now unless he is opposite to Daniel Cormier.

the reason is he is stupid but he doesn’t understand the question”

And the question here is how would a fighter do against his next opponent, which would create more interest among the fans to watch the fight and find out.

These two fighters have a rich history since they have fought each other in the octagon before and Jon beat Chael by TKO. And with Jon being very vocal and controversial with his comments, it would be interesting to see whether Jon reacts to Chael’s comments and if yes then how.

Chael Sonnen

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