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Jon Jones Issues a Warning to Brock Lesnar

Jon Jones Issues a Warning to Brock Lesnar

Jon Jones

Jon Jones has been on a path of pure domination ever since he stepped into the UFC octagon. The light heavyweight champion, Jones has beaten everyone who has stepped in front of him inside the steel cage. Since Jon Jones is undefeated, every now and then new challenges come up to try and break his streak.

Israel Adesanya is one of those super fights out there right now for Jones. After his victory against Daniel Cormier, Stipe Miocic can also have a super fight with Jon Jones at heavyweight. But nothing will be bigger if Jon Jones steps into the ring to face the man who changed UFC forever, Brock Lesnar.

I’ll embarrass Brock Lesnar”. This is the warning Jon Jones issued earlier when Lesnar’s buddy from WWE, Kurt Angle said that Lesnar wants to fight Jon Jones.

Jon Jones


Brock Lesnar and Jones’ rivalry goes way back. After defeating Cormier for the second time, Jones called out Lesnar saying:

“If you want to know what it feels like to get your ass kicked by a guy who is 40 pounds less than you, meet me in the octagon.”

To that Brock Lesnar had replied:  ” Be careful what you wish for, young man.”

And recently, WWE Hall of Famer and Lesnar’s close friend, Kurt Angle said:

“I hope he(Brock Lesnar) does return. I know he said he has retired. I think the one fight he wants, not sure if it’s ever going to happen, he wants to fight against Jones.”

Discussing with Ariel Helwani on how this super-fight will go between Jones and Lesnar, Kurt said:

“They are very different, their sizes are extremely different. But Brock is a freak. He might not win all his fight, he might not be the most polished fighter, but he is an incredible athlete, and he could do anything he wants.”

And now we have a reply from the current light heavyweight champion, Jon “Bones” Jones.

Reportedly, Jones has defeated Gustafsson, Anthony Johnson, and Thiago Santos since he has returned to UFC octagon after his suspension. currently, He has no opponent ahead of him. And Brock Lesnar has announced retirement leading up to his fight with Daniel Cormier.

Whether this fight is compelling enough to make Lesnar change his mind and come out of retirement, that’s uncertain. However, a super fight between Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar will for sure generate a nuclear amount of heat in the MMA community.

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