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Jon Jones Looks Like a Fool in the Whole Stipe-Cormier Situation Says Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones Looks Like a Fool in the Whole Stipe-Cormier Situation Says Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen beef have been catching fire lately. Chael Sonnen is undoubtedly one of the great analysts in the MMA community. And he knows very well how to create a buzz among the fighting fans. And he has been doing the same with his rather harsh criticism of the UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

Chael has criticized Jones for his lack of ability to sell a fight, Chael has said that Jones has been giving excuses to avoid fighting at the heavyweight, and now Chael has said that Jon Jones looks like a fool with all the Stipe-Cormier buzz going around.

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier is never going to happen for the third time according to former UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen. Before the fight between Cormier and Stipe, it was believed that Cormier’s next fight would be Jon Jones at the heavyweight if Cormier wins. However, with Stipe getting his title back by knocking out Cormier, it’s very unlikely of Jones to move up to heavyweight to fight Cormier in a non-title fight.

Jon Jones

Talking about Jon Jones in his recent video, Chael said:

“You are not going to get Jon up to heavyweight to fight Cormier just because there is no title on the line. So Jon is out. Jon is on a third base wearing a catcher’s mitt looking like a FOOL.”

Jon Jones has beaten Daniel Cormier twice in the light heavyweight division. Hence it would be hard to argue that Jones won’t repeat the history if he fights Cormier at light heavyweight. So only way to make this trilogy fight compelling is if Jones moves up to heavyweight to fight DC. But without the title on the line, Jones will be fighting for nothing but an additional achievement in his resume. However, Stipe Miocic is the most intriguing fight out there for Daniel Cormier. A trilogy between Stipe and DC is far more interesting right now than a trilogy between Jones and DC. It’s because Stipe has beaten Daniel once, but he doesn’t have Cormier’s number. Cormier beat him last year too. And if you look round by round, out of the five rounds fought between Stipe and Cormier over the two matches, DC has won four of them.

Comparing both matches  Chael said:

“Daniel has a true trilogy if he fights Stipe. Jones vs DC is a trilogy fight but only in the sense that it would be a third fight. But a true trilogy fight is two guys in the fight business mean that you split in the first two. We got to go to the third fight making a best of three series to figure out who is better. And that’s what DC has the opportunity to do against Stipe.”

Jon Jones, the pound for pound best in UFC, still has an opportunity if he moves up to fight Stipe for the title. However, Stipe vs DC trilogy would top Jon’s move to heavyweight. It’s a peculiar situation for Jon Jones if he wants to move up to heavyweight for a super fight.


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