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Jon Jones Puts His Next Opponent on Blast: “I’m Going to Expose His S**t”

Jon Jones Puts His Next Opponent on Blast: “I’m Going to Expose His S**t”

Jon Jones

For a meaningful period, the UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones did not have a contender for his title. However, after Corey Anderson knocked out Johnny Walker and Dominick Reyes got a win over Chris Weidman, the light heavyweight division had two possible challenger for the title.

A few days back Jon Jones announced on Twitter that he would be defending his title against Dominick Reyes next. Although UFC has not made that fight official yet, the fight does make sense considering Reyes is coming off a huge win over former middleweight champion, Chris Weidman and he is unbeaten so far in his MMA career.

Jon Jones

Even though the fight is not official yet, the mental warfare has already started between Jones and Reyes. Earlier Dominick Reyes tweeted:

“A champion so great, he is now going to be fighting the first of the next generation! It’s such an honor and I can’t wait for my crack at the king in the octagon.”

Jon Jones fires back at Reyes a while ago saying: 

“You started this whole thing talking about party favors and now you’re going to show this fake ass respect? Serious question Dominic, what exactly is so next generation about you or your fighting style? Youre a new name, that’s the only thing different about you.”

When asked whether he is going to submit Reyes, Jon Jones replied with:

“That’s the easy way out, I don’t do easy. There’s absolutely no where in his game I’m intimidated. He’s dangerous in the first round, after that I’ll figure him out and pick them apart.”

“I’m going to expose his shit soon enough,” said Jon Jones about his possible next opponent, Dominick Reyes.




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