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Jon Jones talks about fighting Adesanya in Africa and wishes for more weight classes in UFC

Jon Jones talks about fighting Adesanya in Africa and wishes for more weight classes in UFC

Jon Jones

The light heavyweight champion and arguably the greatest martial artist ever, Jon Jones have many rivalries in the past. His rivalry with Daniel Cormier still stays on the top of the list.

However, after Israel Adesanya’s fight with Anderson Silva, Jon Jones started an altercation with Izzy which caught fire. Now we may witness these two fighters inside the octagon. In a recent tweet, Jones said that he would slap Adesanya in Africa. He also said that he has always wanted to visit Africa and he needs to make that happen. UFC wants to expand its horizon in Nigeria since Kamaru Usma won the welterweight strap and possibly UFC may give us an event in Africa soon.

Jon Jones

Jones tweeted

Currently, UFC doesn’t have any opponents for Jon Jones. Jones last fought Thiago Santos is a thriller and won it by decision. While Adesanya will be looking to unify his interim belt when he fights Robbert Whittaker in the main event of UFC 243 in Australia. Now Adesanya has said before that he wants to clear out the middleweight before he moves up to fight Jones. But a win over Whittaker will Jones vs Izzy even more logical.

Many UFC fighters have been rallying to more weight divisions in UFC and rightfully so. There are a lot of fighters in UFC who are draining themselves to make the weight and facing the consequences. Elite UFC fighters such as Conor McGregor, Ben Askren, Kevin Lee and now Jon Jones have said that they want more weight classes in UFC. Ben Askren was the one who first brought up the inclusion of 165 weight division. Now Jones has also said that it would be cool if there was a 205,215 and 225-pound championship belt.

Jon Jones asking for more weight classes above him can indicate a few interesting things.  If DC wins his next match against Stipe in UFC 241 then the third fight between Jones and DC will be inevitable. But at what weight classes? Both the fighters seem to agree on fighting at 205. However, we have already seen the fight twice at light heavyweight. It would be more compelling for the UFC fans if Jones moves up to heavyweight.

There are a few obstacles in Jones moving up to heavyweight though. No doubt the Jones is on another level of greatness when it comes to skills but he is the greatest of all time at light heavyweight. It’s not certain that he can dominate his opponents in heavyweights too. Francis Ngannou can knock Jones to another orbit, someone like Stipe or Cain can outwrestle Jones because of the weight and power advantage. So there is the question of how would Jones do if he moves up to heavyweight to fight DC. However, Jones would be much more efficient at 215 or 225 weight class. One thing for sure, UFC does need more weight classes.


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