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Jon Jones vs Anthony Johnson at Heavyweight ?

Jon Jones vs Anthony Johnson at Heavyweight ?

Jon Jones

It’s needless to say that Jon Jones is the most dominating force in the UFC light heavyweight division. Jones has been adding legends after legends on the list of guys he has conquered. However, there was one fight which sparked fire among the fight fans. And yet the fight never happened. it’s Jones vs Anthony Johnson.

However, we might get the fight soon. Anthony Johnson’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz has said that Rumble Johnson will be making his come back to UFC octagon in 2020. But johnson will be fighting at heavyweight. Abdelaziz also said that johnson will join USADA testing pool soon.

This come back opens up tons of possibilities. We can see two of the most fierce strikers in UFC history Anthony Johnson and Francis Ngannou going at each other with bad intentions. Or we may see what we never got. the fight between Jones and Anthony Johnson.

It’s no secret that Anthony Johnson wants the fight against Jones. In one of his interviews, Anthony Johnson has talked about the significance of a fight with Jones and said:

“If the fight ever happens it’s not for the organization or the fans. it’s for me because that’s the one fight that was taken away from me which was always my motiovation. Jon was the one person i wanted to fight at the end of the day. it was never Daniel Cormier, Glover or Alex. My motivation was to fight Jon.”

If this fight happens, not only Anthony Johnson will make his UFC come back but also Jon Jones will make his much anticipated heavyweight debut. At this point, there is no arguing the fact that Jon Jones is the best lightweight ever.  And a fight between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones at heavyweight was on the card before DC lost to Stipe. Now it’s uncertain who DC is going to fight next, but it seems DC might choose Stipe over Jones.

keeping all the in mind, a fight with Johnson might be the thing that would compel Jon Jones to move up to heavyweight.

Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson were supposed to fight in 2015, before Jon Jones was charged with a hit and run incident. Jon Jones didn’t want to defend his title against Johnson after the incident and UFC stripped the title from Jones. However, Anthony Johnson would go on to fight Daniel Cormier for the title. And after the loss, Johnson retired from MMA.

As per Abdelaziz, Anthony Johnson is aiming to make his come back in march 2020. He also said that johnson is interested in fighting ranked opponents such as Junior Dos Antos and Alistair Overeem. he also said that Johnson will be taking it to media to announce his comeback in coming weeks.

Now it’s a big if for Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson to step into the octagon at heavyweight division. However, this fight makes more sense than other fights out there for Anthony Johnson. It’s up to the light heavyweight king, Jon Jones to decide whether he wants the fight.



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