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Jorge Masvidal Claims Ben Askren Will Never Avenge His Knock Out Loss

Jorge Masvidal Claims Ben Askren Will Never Avenge His Knock Out Loss

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal knocked Ben Askren out into another orbit not so long ago, putting an end to the beef between them for the time being. However, there is no love lost between these two elite fighters.

The bad blood between Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal started during the fight promotion. Ben Askren called out Jorge Masvidal after Masvidal’s knockout win against Darren Till. Askren had to get under Masvidal’s skin with his trash-talking to make him accept the fight first. However, it ended horribly for Askren as he got knocked out in 5 seconds of the fight and with that, he got the first loss in his fighting career.

Now it can be argued that if Askren had taken down Masvidal, we would have seen Askren out grappling Masvidal as he does against all his opponents. However, Masvidal does not agree with that argument.

Jorge Masvidal

In the press conference held for UFC 244 when asked about trash-talking before a fight, Masvidal claimed that the outcome of the fight between him and Askren will always be the same irrespective of anything else. Masvidal claimed:

“There is some dude you are not gonna lose to. And Askren is that dude. I am not losing to him in any universe. The shit-talking does help. It just helps that when the guy on the other side that you are fighting to want to hurt you and you know it. That’s enough motivation for me right there.

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Not so long ago, Ben Askren came up with his claim on twitter that in a rematch Jorge Masvidal is not knocking him out again. Askren said:

I got hit by 1 errant shot. lesson learned and won’t happen again!

Although it’s unlikely for these two to cross paths again as Askren is fighting Damian Maia and Masvidal is riding the waves of stardom and is going to headline UFC 244 at MSG. Not only that Jorge Masvidal is likely to fight for the title if he beats Diaz next. However, is he loses and Askren gets the win against Maia then we may have a rematch between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren in the near future.

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