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Jorge Masvidal Delivers the Fastest Knock Out in UFC History

Jorge Masvidal Delivers the Fastest Knock Out in UFC History

UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal only needed an astonishing five seconds to knock out Ben Askren. In the process, he created the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history.

In fact, all that UFC president Dana White could say was, “That was f******* insane,”.

As soon as the bout began, Jorge Masvidal charged in guns blazing and delivered a brutal knee to the head and shoulder. For good measure, he threw in a couple of punches to the face before the referee intervened.

White declared in the press conference in Las Vegas that it was one of the most ‘vicious knock-outs’. Afterwards, Askren was taken to hospital where, fortunately, he seemed to be fine.

“He’s bringing planking back,” crowed UFC interim middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

To add insult to injury, Jorge Masvidal jumped and mimicked the way Askren went “stiff as a board” in images.

“I’m not God but I just baptised two people back to back,” Masvidal boasted. “The title is next.”

It was a humiliating experience for Askren, who often mocked fighters on social media with his favourite catchphrase “boom roasted”. He tried the same tactic on Masvidal, claiming he was intimidated when he missed a pre-fight media day. Askren even boasted that he wiped the floor with Masvidal when they trained together in 2008.

“There’s not too many people I dislike,” Masvidal said. “I have over 50 pro fights, he talked about my manhood, my culture, my ethnicity. Why do certain people get to do stuff online, you’re allowed to do and say whatever you want, other fighters can talk about other people’s religion, their wife?”

“He’s not a mean guy, he doesn’t wanna punch me in the face,” Masvidal said. “He’s so predictable, man, he’s a scrub.

“Part of me just wanted to throw it out there, so if you do shoot like an idiot, like only you know how to … He took the bait, I put my hands behind my back, he probably thought we were gonna pattycake it up, he walked right into it.”

“It’s not over for Ben, he still has to deal with me, because if I see that dude at Wholefoods I’m gonna slap him up, because I don’t like him.”

Twitter later reacted to the brutal bout, which seemed more like a massacre.



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