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Jorge Masvidal Goes Back to His Rough Childhood :- I Got a Knife Pulled at Me

Jorge Masvidal Goes Back to His Rough Childhood :- I Got a Knife Pulled at Me

Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal are going to face each other for BMF(Baddest Mother****** ) title on the main event of UFC 244. Both the fighters have been in this sport for a long time now. Both of them have fought in multiple organizations before making it into UFC. That apart there is one more thing common between Diaz and Masvidal, that is there tough upbringing. While Diaz was battling it out in Stockton, California from a very young age, Masvidal was on is mission to greatness in Miami.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Jorge Masvidal shares a horrifying story from his childhood when someone pulled a knife on him. Describing the entire altercation, Masvidal said:

“I got in trouble in school. Maybe like two blocks down right by my elementary school, the first time I got a knife pulled at me. This kid pulled a knife, he was a little bit older. I was with a friend, we were riding around. And the dude, he said hi to one of the guys, he knew him and I got off the bike and I said ‘what’s up”. There was a fence here. And the guy grabbed me by the shirt, pulls me in and takes out of the knife and I freaked out, pushed back and took off.”

Jorge Masvidal

The story does not end there as Jorge Masvidal met that kid again roughly a year after that incident. This time that kid got into an altercation with one of Masvidal’s friend in school and when Masvidal tried to help his friend out, he recognized the same kid and “went to town with him”.

“My friend gets into an altercation. He was like one of the smaller kids in the class. He gets pushed down, I picked him up. The kid walks away and I turned him around. When I turned him around, he slaps me on my face without any hesitation. And when he did that I f***g obviously froze. I saw the dude, I was like this is the guy that pulled the knife on me. For the 30 seconds until the teachers got there I went to town with this kid.”

From fighting in the backyards to fighting on the main event of Madison Square Garden, fortune shave changed a lot for the Gamebred, Jorge Masvidal. However, it would be intriguing to see him face someone very similar on UFC 244 in a few days for the BMF title.

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