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Jorge Masvidal Has Insightful Revelation After Conversation With Nick Diaz Camp

Jorge Masvidal Has Insightful Revelation After Conversation With Nick Diaz Camp

Jorge Masvidal and Nick Diaz have shown interest in fighting each other. Nick appeared on ESPN Helwani’s Show and appeared angry over Masvidal’s comments after the fight. He looked particularly bothered at Masvidal mentioning about baptizing his younger brother Nate Diaz at UFC 244 octagon interview.

Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz came face to face at UFC 244 for the BMF belt inside Madison Square Garden in one of the biggest PPV events of 2019. Masvidal picked up a TKO victory in the third round after a cut on Diaz’s eye rendered him unable to continue after the doctor’s decision. Nick Diaz hinted at a potential return to the octagon after the 5-year ban was lifted. However, it looks unlikely that the two fighters will collide inside the octagon.

Nick Diaz has not come out with any official statement, and his Instagram feed still feels like a retired fighter enjoying with his friends. In a recent interaction with MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, Masvidal revealed shocking details after conversing with Nick Diaz’s manager.

Can Jorge Masvidal and Nick Diaz headline UFC PPV?

Masvidal did not have good news for fight fans. While it isn’t surprising that Nick Diaz vs. Masvidal may not take place, it was an incredible match-up nonetheless.

“Out of pure coincidence and luck, I just spoke with Nick Diaz’s manager. And it was interesting with a lot of different insight because UFC is saying one thing and it’s completely different from what we were hearing,”

Masvidal could be hinting towards potential talks between UFC and Nick Diaz about making the fight happen. He appeared shocked at the interesting insights that he learned after the conversation with Nick Diaz’s manager.

“To hear it now from Nick Diaz’s manager, things make a lot more sense now. UFC was telling us all kinds of crazy things and, I’m not willing to wait for no man. They were telling me this, and that and this … we got options.

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Masvidal mentions that the exact details of the conversation cannot be revealed at this time. Looking at what Masvidal revealed about the conversation, it looks unlikely that the super fight will take place anytime soon.

What are the chances of Masvidal vs Nick Diaz?

Jorge Masvidal

It looks unlikely at the moment. Diaz has shown no interest in returning and doesn’t seem to be back in the gym. Instagram doesn’t say everything, but if Nick Diaz is returning, there is no bigger news for MMA fans.

Masvidal is currently booked to fight Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight championship in Las Vegas.

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