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Jorge Masvidal Promises Pure Violence Against Nate Diaz in MSG

Jorge Masvidal Promises Pure Violence Against Nate Diaz in MSG

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz in Madison Square Garden on November 2nd. The fans finally got what they wanted. 5 rounds of insanity inside the octagon. Even if none of them are champions of any division, apparently UFC is making a “Baddest Mother******” title for this showdown. UFC president, Dana White mentioned that both Diaz and Masvidal are pumped for the fight. Well, now we have received a message from Jorge Masvidal who said that he is bringing pure violence into the octagon against Nate Diaz.

In a recent video, Jorge Masvidal talked about the fight with Nate Diaz and said:
“And I bring onto thee nothing but pure violence. November 2nd science and violence mixed and I have got the opponent to throw down, somebody who is gonna meet me in the middle of the ring.”

Jorge Masvidal

Well, if Masvidal wants a dog fight then he can’t ask for a better dance partner than Nate Diaz.Diaz made his UFC return after 3 years of inactivity and completely dominated the former lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis. It just goes to show what kind of an animal Masvidal will be dealing with on November 2nd.

“If you want to see pure violence, you want to see somebody’s life get pushed to the breaks give everything they got, then tune in on November 2nd,” says Masvidal.

He even went further and claimed that It’ll be a battle for ages, it’ll be a masterpiece”. Well, it’s hard to disagree with Masvidal though.

Jorge Masvidal

If we look at the fights Masvidal has been through in his UFC career, such as the fights with Henderson, Al Laquinta, Stephen Thompson, it’s safe to assume that he is more than capable to provide fans 5 rounds of chaos. In his last two fights, Masvidal flat lines Ben Askren and Darren Till with two of the most vicious knockouts of UFC history.
However, Masvidal’s KOs does not mean much as Nate Diaz doesn’t get knocked out that easily. Though Diaz brings an elite level of grappling to the table in his fight with Masvidal, it’s safe to say that Diaz will probably stand and trade punches until one of the two fighters can’t anymore or until the bell rings.

This match has taken years to make. First fans wanted to see a fight between Nick Diaz and Masvidal, and now it’s Nate Diaz and Masvidal.
Well with all the expectations and hype, we can all agree to Jorge Masvidal when he sys his fight against Nate Diaz is going to be a fight for the ages.

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