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Jorge Masvidal Sends a Warning to the Welterweight Division-“I Want to Take Their Head and Their Soul With it”

Jorge Masvidal Sends a Warning to the Welterweight Division-“I Want to Take Their Head and Their Soul With it”

Jorge Masvidal

There can be very few fighters in UFC at the moment who are as popular as Jorge Masvidal at the moment. Masvidal is going to headline Madison Square Garden with Nate Diaz to fight for the Baddest Mother***** title.

Before the fight with Nate Diaz was made official, Jorge Masvidal even got an opportunity to fight for the welterweight title and rightfully so. After two huge knockouts against two of the biggest names in the division, Darren Till and Ben Askren, Jorge Masvidal was right there in there in the title picture.

However, at the moment Masvidal is more interested to claim the BMF title in UFC 244 as he said:

“The company in all its running never had a Bad Motherf****r title. It just can be a coincidence that I am one of the people competing for it. This title is the hardest title.”

Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal even said that he is open to defend his BMF title after he wins it against Nate Diaz. However, what about the welterweight title?

Well, Masvidal did not speak very highly of the current champion and the title. Apart from that Masvidal issued a warning for every fighter in the top 10 ranking of the division. Masvidal warned:

“I want to take everybody’s head in the top 10. I want to take their head and their soul with it. If they have some mickey mouse title with their waist. I will take it too. Every single one of these guys I am gonna baptise them man. I am just gonna separate myself from the pack.”

Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal has claimed that he changed his approach to the fights after losing several matches in UFC on judges scorecards. Masvidal goes into the octagon to knock people out, eliminating judges from the equation and he has been successful in doing that in his last two fights too. With that attitude, Masvidal seems more lethal than ever before and his message to other welterweights is frightening for sure.

If there is somebody going out and spreading rumors that they have a belt worth getting for. I am coming for your head” said Masvidal about the welterweight title.

Well, knocking out Nate Diaz is easier said than done even for Jorge Masvidal. It’s safe to assume that we are going to witness some fireworks in the MSG on November 2nd.

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