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Jorge Masvidal Takes a Dig at Colby Covington- “We Never Had a Friendship”

Jorge Masvidal Takes a Dig at Colby Covington- “We Never Had a Friendship”

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington were on a collision path to get to the welterweight title. Both Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal wanted a fight with the champion, Kamaru Usman. At that moment the beef between these two former best buddies became public when Colby Covington bashed Jorge Masvidal on twitter when Masvidal called out Usman.

Since then both Masvidal and Covington have said many things about each other. And with each passing day, things are getting heated between these two. Recently Masvidal talked to Ariel Helwani before the UFC 244 press conference and talked about his past relationship with Covington and why he will never see eye to eye with Covington.

Masvidal said:
” Me and this individual shared a lot of memories. At some point, I would have considered him a real friend. Knowing that he would take to the internet or online to bash him when I have never bashed him, whether it be for facebook like or maybe he is gonna get 10 more pay per view buys when we fight. If you would sell out our friendship like that so quick we never had friendships. I thought we had a friendship. But you were just using me.”

Jorge Masvidal

Previously Covington has said that the reason his friendship with Masvidal ended was that Masvidal got jealous of him after he won the welterweight interim title against Rafael Dos Anjos. However, Masvidal tells a whole different story. Covington’s gimmick of a heel to sell his fight and get attention was the beginning of an end of the friendship between these two. However, Masvidal had enough when Covington did not pay his coach after his title fight against RDA.

Masvidal claimed:
“This dude is a punk. To really put the nail on the coffin, he ripped up my coach. When that happened he died to me.”

Masvidal has known Covington for a meaningful period and he says Covington is nothing like the character he wants to portray to the world to get some attention.

Masvidal commented:

“Once he started doing his gimmick, we already started separating. I know who he is in real life. He is not this character he is trying to be that he is a sex symbol, or he doesn’t have any feelings or nothing. he is actually quite the opposite.”

For a couple of dollars, you would throw my name under the bus and try to say things, (then)we were never cool,” said Masvidal on Covington bashing him on social media.

The relationship between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington doesn’t seem to be getting better anymore. In fact, both of them may fight each other inside the octagon in the near future. And who knows, Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington might even start throwing it down when they see each other at American Top Team.

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