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Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz: UFC Middleweight Champion Bets On Diaz to Win against Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz: UFC Middleweight Champion Bets On Diaz to Win against Masvidal

Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal. The Gangster from Stockton 209 against The Goon from Miami 305. This is going to be the most anticipated fight of this year with out any doubt. Both are fan favorites and both are two of the biggest star in UFC at the moment. There is a lot of hype behind this super fight and Christmas comes early this year for sure.

The fight between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal is very intriguing. Masvidal is not known as a knockout artist, but his last two results tell a different story. On the other hand, nate Diaz has a chin of marble and he just doesn’t Knocked out. There was a lot of hype that Pettis is going to knock Diaz out and rightfully so. Pettis knocked out Wonderboy who went 10 rounds with Tyron Woodley and still Woodley couldn’t even rock him. However, Diaz ate Pettis’s best shots and had an impressive victory after a 3 years lay off. So who is going to win this super fight?

Jorge Masvidal

Well, UFC middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker has an answer for it. It seems Whittaker is betting his money on Nate Diaz for this fight. Whittaker said:

“I am gonna lean towards Nate. In a 5 round fight I think Nate I can just pressure him, not go away. Since Nate fought McGregor the second time and the way he fought Pettis, I though he looked better. I feel like he gotten better in the layoff.”

this fight is going to headline the UFC 244 at MSG and hence it’s going to be 5 round fight. However, does JorgeĀ Masvidal really need 5 rounds? He knocked Askren out in 5 seconds. Agreed, Masvidal is skilled at knocking his opponents out, but Nate Diaz is not going out of the ring that night without a fight for sure.

Jorge Masvidal

Diaz has a boxing heavy approach and he always pressures forward. He is also phenomenal on the ground and can submit Masvidal if the fight goes to ground. However, botht he fighters will prefer to stand and bang instead of taking the fight to the ground.

Diaz looked better than ever after a three year layoff. “He is much more comfortable at that weight.” said Robert Whittaker on Diaz fighting at the welterweight.

During the press conference UFC President, Dana White also said that this fight has title implication attached to it. Well, this fight already has a title on the line. Jorge Masvidal will fight Nate Diaz for The Baddest Motherf***** title in UFC 244.

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