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Jos Verstappen Feels Political Reasons Behind Unpunished Accident

Jos Verstappen Feels Political Reasons Behind Unpunished Accident

3 days on, everyone is still talking about THAT incident in Singapore. The stewards summoned all 3 drivers involved in the collision and heard their side of the story. Ultimately, the verdict was that it was a racing incident. However Jos Verstappen, father of Max Verstappen, had a different view of the accident and the stewards’ decision. Jos said “You can hardly blame Max for any of this, He [Vettel] does deserve it — I really think he does. But they won’t be too quick to do that, because he already got a warning. If they (the FIA) gave him a real punishment, the championship would be over,”

Jos Verstappen

The Incident

As if it hasn’t already been played and replayed on an infinite loop, here is the incident again. When the lights went out, Kimi Raikkonen had a fantastic start and was quickly alongside Max Verstappen. As Vettel got away he veered to the left to cover off Verstappen. In reaction to that, Verstappen also moved a little to the left, vaguely aware that Raikkonen was alongside. However, Vettel squeezed him further and Raikkonen got tagged. Kimi got spun into Vettel and slithered across the track, out of control. The Ferrari then ploughed into Verstappen a second time, this time an unlucky Fernando Alonso was sent flying momentarily.

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