Jose Mourinho: “I Missed Fellaini against Juventus”

Published 10/25/2018, 12:39 AM EDT

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Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United slumped to yet another defeat at Old Trafford, earlier this week, as they hosted Juventus FC, in the champions League group stage. Mourinho went the full 90 minutes without a single substitution. When asked why he did not use any options from the bench, Mourinho pointed out that he had players missing from the bench as well.

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 Mourinho said. The only really attacking option was a young 18-year-old lad who has never played in the first team before”, he continued. “Given the dynamic of the game, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to bring him on. You can’t expect a kid making his debut in a game like this to give you something like scoring a goal. So that’s why I didn’t make any changes on the pitch.”
Jose Mourinho also went on to say that he missed the big Belgian Marouane Fellaini. “I really missed Fellaini because when we are dominant, we are playing in the opponents’ half and the opponent closes the way they did, and they brought (Andrea) Barzagli as a third center-back, Fellaini is a player that gives us different things”, he said. “We missed him, but the boys gave everything and when the boys give everything and go until the last second I am always happy with them.”

 the Portuguese complained. 

United will host Everton on Sunday, as they look to accumulate more points in the Premier League. Manchester United is currently languishing at the tenth spot in the table, having won just four games this season.



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