Jose Mourinho Praises Tennis for its Individuality

By 1 year ago

Former Chelsea and Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho rocked up at the Queen’s Club Championship 2019 for Andy Murray’s doubles match on Saturday night. In an interview at the Fever-Tree Championships 2019, Jose Mourinho reveals why he loves tennis.

Jose Mourinho admires that fact that in Tennis, the player cannot blame anyone but himself. He said, “In Tennis, they can’t hide behind anyone. It’s them on the court. It’s one against one. I win, I lose. I make mistakes, I make it right.

However, the thought of introduction of the new rule of on-court coaching will be an irony for Jose Mourinho’s statement of players not hiding behind anyone. In the on-court coaching rule, players can take advice from their coach during the match, which will reduce the decision making capability of tennis players.

Jose Mourinho stressed more on why he likes Tennis so much. He further added, “I think it’s the level of responsibility to cope with the pressure, to assume the responsibilities, to cope with the mistakes, to cope with the failures, to be ready for the match and all, to have the mental ability to cope with it. I think this sport is amazing.”

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Jose Mourinho continued, ”I’m always curious, they play matches and matches and matches. An accumulation of matches in a couple of weeks is something that excites me and pushes me to try to understand how to get the best out of my teams.”

Jose Mourinho revealed that he is a big fan of Andy Murray and tries to come at the Queen’s Club for Murray. “I try to come most years, it was only possible today, but this is a good moment because Andy plays,” he said.

Jose Mourinho continued, “It’s nice for a sportsman like him in a special moment of his career, for different reasons, it’s nice for him to know that the ones that always supported him in the big moments. We also support him in these moments where he is showing what a man he is.”

Mourinho revealed that he cried when Andy Murray conquered the Wimbledon title. He said, “I shed tears when Murray won Wimbledon, yes, it’s true, because for these boys Wimbledon, Roland Garros, and these tournaments are like the Champions League for us.”

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